Streaming Concert Series

A partnership between the Civic Center Foundation, Rustgaze Records & Legacy Sounds, and Good Food Restaurants allowed us to host a weekly streaming concert series during the pandemic. 

The Legacy Sounds LIVE concerts ran from 4/8/20 to 6/10/20. They might not be live, but you can still watch them all for great music and good times!

Week 10 - Jasmine Goare

Week 9 - D L Burdon

Week 8 - Kaitlyn Schmit & The Move

Week 7 - Kevin Ashba

Week 6 - Chad Warren

Week 5 - SaMax

Week 4 - Jason Wagner

Week 3 - Chris Brokamp

Week 2 - James Adkins

Week 1 - Logan Ross

Masks required for individuals 2 and over unless seated and/or eating & drinking. Click here to learn about safety procedures.